dog walking

No matter what breed, age or size of dog you have, they all need exercise.

If for any reason you are unable to walk or exercise your dog, we can assist you. We will work with you and with the aid of a 1 on 1 initial consultation, come up with an exercise plan to suit you and your pets needs without breaking the bank.

Each dog is treated as an individual. Unlike some walkers we don't walk lots of dogs at the same time, as that can often lead to stress in the animal. We take into account the dogs size, what its likes/dislikes are etc, and provide a varied exciting time for them. We have experience with big and small dogs so know how to care for them appropriately.

Living in Torbay there are lots of different places for exercise - The seaside, parks, forest walks etc so they will return home happy and relaxed having had a good run or walk and possibly played fetch too!

In addition, we can also continue any training you may have started if required.

We charge a set half-hourly or hourly fee based on location and all prices can be found on our Pricing page.

If you would like an initial consultation visit, please fill in our Contact form and we will be in touch.